ISSN 2094-2818

ISSN 2094-2818

Co-Editors: Gisela P. Padilla-Concepcion
David Hall, Windell L. Rivera, and
Mark Gregory Robson


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VOLUME 7 NUMBER 1 (February to June 2017)
EDITORIAL Returning to What was Essentially Good - Welcome back PHILIPPINE SCIENCE LETTERS!
by Gisela Padilla—Concepcion

ARTICLE The abundance and morphometric characteristics of the endemic Pseudodiaptomus brehmi Kiefer, 1938 (Copepoda: Calanoida: Pseudodiaptomidae) in Lake Taal (Luzon Is., Philippines)
by Rey Donne S. Papa, Kenoses L. Legaspi, Cedie G. Blaza, Francesca S. Lirio, Nehemiah Gerold P. Bangalan, and T. Chad Walter

ARTICLE Low extracellular calcium and retinoic acid concentration promotes adipocyte differentiation in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes
by Joseph dela Cruz, Seok Geun Choi, Young Kyoon Oh, and Seong Gu Hwang

ARTICLE Non-differential DNA extraction of post-coital samples submitted as evidence for investigating sexual assault cases in the Philippines
by Jae Joseph Russell B. Rodriguez, Gayvelline C. Calacal, Rita P. Laude, and Maria Corazon A. De Ungria

ARTICLE Genome Shuffling for Improved Thermotolerance, Ethanol Tolerance and Ethanol Production of Saccharomyces cerevisiae 2013
by Fredmoore L. Orosco, Sean M. Estrada, Jessica F. Simbahan, Francesca S. Lirio, Virgie A. Alcantara, and Irene G. Pajares

ARTICLE A dynamical analysis of tuberculosis in the Philippines
by King James B. Villasin, Angelyn R. Lao, and Eva M. Rodriguez

ARTICLE Notes on Ceramium Roth and Gayliella TO Cho, LJ McIvor et SM Boo (Rhodophyta, Ceramiaceae) from the Philippines
by Elvie Jane C. Lagan, Gavino C. Trono, Jr.


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VOLUME 8 NUMBER 1 (January to June 2015)
EDITORIAL A Farewell Editorial: Birth and Rebirth of Philippine Science Letters and Growth of Philippine Science
by Gisela Padilla—Concepcion


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VOLUME 7 NUMBER 1 (January to June 2014)
ARTICLE Detection and sequence analysis of the alkM gene in Acinetobacter baumannii strain OS1 from oil sludge sample
by Cynthia T. Hedreyda and A. Mittsu G. Sarmago

ARTICLE Enhanced energy conversion performance of Philippine photovoltaic panels through tilt angle adjustments: A mechatronics approach
by Fidel Diaz, Jerrold Ngo, Maximillian Pascual, Albert Planes, and Alvin Chua

ARTICLE A comparison of smoothers for state-constrained optimal control problems
by Michelle Vallejos

ARTICLE The archaeology and palaeobiological record of Pasimbahan-Magsanib Site, northern Palawan, Philippines
by Janine Ochoa, Victor Paz, Helen Lewis, Jane Carlos, Emil Robles, Noel Amano, Maria Rebecca Ferreras, Myra Lara, Benjamin Vallejo, Jr., Gretchen Velarde, Sarah Agatha Villaluz, Wilfredo Ronquillo, and Wilhelm Solheim II

ARTICLE Species richness and patterns of occurrence of small non-flying mammals of Mt. Sto Tomas, Luzon Island, Philippines
by Aris A. Reginaldo and Anna Pauline O. de Guia

ARTICLE Taxonomic identification of “Ludong” fish from the Cagayan River (Philippines)
by Minerva Fatimae H. Ventolero, Evelyn C. Ame, Billy Joel N. Catacutan, and Mudjekeewis D. Santos

ARTICLE Responses of the bird community in the University of the Philippines Diliman after campus redevelopment and the decline of two common urban bird species
by Benjamin Vallejo, Jr. and Alexander B. Aloy

ARTICLE Sexuality-based compartmental model of spread of HIV in the Philippines
by Guido David and Fenina Mae Gomez

ARTICLE Stability switch and periodic solutions in delayed three-species model with Holling type III functional response
by Juancho A. Collera

ARTICLE Determination of soil-transmitted helminth infection and its association with hemoglobin levels among Aeta schoolchildren of Katutubo Village in Planas, Porac, Pampanga
by Janice V. Ng, Vicente Y. Belizario, Jr., and Florencia G. Claveria

ARTICLE Incident angle dependence of H2 adsorption on a defective Pt(111) surface: First-principles calculation
by Michelle T. Natividad, Nelson B. Arboleda Jr., and Hideaki Kasai

ARTICLE Molecular phylogeny of the genus Bikkia (Rubiaceae) including a new endemic Philippine inland forest species
by Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro, Lorenzo Angelo R. Santos, Hao Wei C. Hsu, Michelle Samantha S. Mejillano, Propa Joy R. Santor, and Victor B. Amoroso

ARTICLE Total variation-based image inpainting and denoising using a primal-dual active set method
by Marrick Neri and Esmeraldo Ronnie Rey Zara

REVIEW State of animal DNA barcoding in the Philippines: A review of COI sequencing of Philippine native fauna
by Ian Kendrich C. Fontanilla, Andrew F. Torres, Josephine Angela DG. Cañasa, Sandra L. Yap, and Perry S. Ong

ARTICLE A molecular dynamics investigation of water migration in a lipid bilayer for microalgae drying
by Robby Manrique, Aristotle Ubando, Al Rey Villagracia, Jennifer Corpuz, Allan Abraham Padama, Melanie David, Nelson Arboleda Jr., Alvin Culaba, and Hideaki Kasai

COMMENTARY Finding a common framework for the analysis of social and institutional change: A retrospective and an exploration
by Niceto S. Poblador

ARTICLE Taxonomy of black scavenger flies (Diptera: Sepsidae) from Luzon, Philippines
by Socrates D. Letana

ARTICLE A morphological and cyclic voltammetric investigation of spin-coated hexa-ammineruthenium(III)-incorporated Nafion® thin films
by Kevin Anthony Y. Kaw, Shirley T. Palisoc, and Michelle T. Natividad

ARTICLE A survey of plants used as repellents against hematophagous insects by the Ayta people of Porac, Pampanga province, Philippines
by Jasper John A. Obico and Elena M. Ragragio

ARTICLE Updates on the status of giant clams Tridacna spp. and Hippopus hippopus in the Philippines using mitochondrial CO1 and 16S rRNA genes
by Apollo Marco D. Lizano and Mudjekeewis D. Santos

COMMENTARY A proposed framework for a national coral reef assessment program
by Wilfredo Y. Licuanan and Porfirio M. Aliño

REVIEW Anticancer compounds from Philippine marine organisms act on major pathways in cancer
by Gisela P. Concepcion, Andrea Roxanne J. Anas, and Miguel A. Azcuna

COMMENTARY On the geological hazards that threaten existing and proposed reclamations of Manila Bay
by Kelvin S. Rodolfo

FEATURE National Scientist Dolores A. Ramirez: From Beating the Odds to Empowering Philippine Agriculture
by Malem Flores

ARTICLE A partial regression coefficient analysis framework to infer candidate genes potentially casual to traits in recombinant inbred lines
by Jan Michael Yap, Ramil Mauleon, Eduardo Mendoza, and Henry Adorna


VOLUME 7 NUMBER 2 (July to December 2014)
ARTICLE Probabilistic wind contouring and hazard mapping of barangay San Juan, Surigao City, Surigao del Norte, Philippines
by Marvin Aldrich R. Salazar and Lessandro Estelito O. Garciano

SHORT COMMUNICATION Biochemical comparison of bleaching and non-bleaching Montipora digitata (Order Scleractinia) in the Philippines
by Helen T. Yap, Dang Marviluz L. Espita, Marco Nemesio E. Montaño, Caryl S. Benjamin, and Edgardo D. Gomez

REVIEW The Philippine Marine Protected Area (MPA) Database
by Reniel B. Cabral, Porfirio M. Aliño, Adrian Chester M. Balingit, Christian M. Alis, Hazel O. Arceo, Cleto L. Nañola Jr., Rollan C. Geronimo, and MSN Partners

ARTICLE Utilization of loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) technology for detecting White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) and Vibrio spp. in Litopenaeus vannamei in selected sites in the Philippines
by Amalea Dulcene D. Nicolasora, Benedict A. Maralit, Christopher Marlowe A. Caipang, Mudjekeewis D. Santos, Adelaida Calpe, and Mary Beth B. Maningas

ARTICLE Genetic diversity and the discovery of a putative cryptic species within a valued crab fishery, Portunus pelagicus (Linnaeus 1758), in the Philippines
by Persie Mark Q. Sienes, Demian A. Willette, Luz R. Romena, Clint G. Alvior, and Janet S. Estacion

SHORT COMMUNICATION Dual preharvest application of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) aqueous spray controls mango (Mangifera indica L. cv. 'Carabao') ripening
by Katherine Ann T. Castillo-Israel, Edralina P. Serrano, Elda B. Esguerra, and Florinia E. Merca

SHORT COMMUNICATION Preservation and extracellular enzyme production of myxomycetes from Lubang Island, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines
by Sittie Aisha B. Macabago and Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz

ARTICLE Antioxidant potentials of culturable endophytic yeasts from Phragmites australis Cav. (Trin) ex Steud. from copper-contaminated mining site in Mankayan, Benguet
by Roland M. Hipol

FEATURE Michael Purugganan: Evolution of a scientist from chemistry to plant genomics
by Neda Barghi

ARTICLE Rice Straw Compost as Amendment to Reduce Soil Copper Toxicity in Lowland Rice Paddy Field
by Virginia C. Cuevas, Joey I. Orajay, and Cirilo A. Lagman, Jr.

ARTICLE Biosorption of copper (II) by live biomasses of two indigenous bacteria isolated from copper-contaminated water
by Christopher Jay T. Robidillo, Nelson R. Villarante, and Lorele C. Trinidad

SHORT COMMUNICATION Determination of Cadmium (Cd2+) and Zinc (Zn2+) via Anodic Stripping Voltammetry with [Ru(NH3)6]3+/Nafion® Modified Electrodes
by Shirley Tiong Palisoc, Michelle Tiamzon Natividad, Patricia Denise DeVera, and Benjamin Simone B. Tuason

ARTICLE Phenotypic evaluation of some promising rare fruit crops in the Philippines
by Pablito M. Magdalita, Maria Ivana Kay M. Abrigo, and Roberto E. Coronel

ARTICLE Molecular and morphological differentiation among Coffea (Rubiaceae) varieties grown in the farms of Cavite Province, Philippines
by Ernelea P. Cao, Daisy May Constantino-Santos, Lara Anjela P. Ramos, Brian S. Santos, Jonas P. Quilang, and Ruel M. Mojica

SHORT COMMUNICATION On the occurrence of the Sulu Shrimp Metapenaeus suluensis Racek and Dall, 1965 (Crustacea: Decapoda : Penaeidae) in the Iloilo River, West Central Philippines
by Annabelle del Norte-Campos and Marivene Manuel-Santos

ARTICLE Ethnobotanical Survey and Nutritional Composition of Ficus pseudopalma Blanco (Moraceae)
by Librado A. Santiago, Anna Beatriz R. Mayor, and Joshua B. Arimado

ARTICLE Sequence analysis of the complete cathecol 1,2-dioxygenase gene in Acinetobacter baumannii Strain OS1
by A. Mittsu G. Sarmago and Cynthia T. Hedreyda

ARTICLE Characterization of alkaline-cooked quality protein maize as raw material for noodle processing
by Marie Anna Dominique R. Bibat, Olivia M. del Rosario, Lotis E. Mopera, Lilia S. Collado, and Floirendo P. Flores

SHORT COMMUNICATION Fluctuating asymmetry in genetically improved Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus), strains in the Philippines
by Richard N. Muallil, Zubaida U. Basiao, Tereso A. Abella, and Luis Maria B. Garcia

ARTICLE Salt-plug estuarine circulation in Malampaya Sound, Palawan, Philippines
by Olivia C. Cabrera, Cesar L. Villanoy, Gil S. Jacinto, Lawrence Patrick C. Bernardo, Charissa M. Ferrera, Imelda B. Velasquez, and Rhodora V. Azanza

ARTICLE Evaluation of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase production in Escherichia coli clinical isolates from three hospitals in Luzon, Philippines
by Merlyn C. Cruz, Catherine S. Bacani, Alma B. Mendoza, and Cynthia T. Hedreyda

ARTICLE Evaluation of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase production in Escherichia coli clinical isolates from three hospitals in Luzon, Philippines
by Merlyn C. Cruz, Catherine S. Bacani, Alma B. Mendoza, and Cynthia T. Hedreyda


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VOLUME 6 NUMBER 1 (January to June 2013)
ARTICLE Occurrence and distribution of myxomycetes (plasmodial slime molds) in three provinces of Luzon Island, Philippines
by Rudolf V. Kuhn, Anton Oliver M. Javier, Coleen P. Rodillas, Christian M. Parra, Liwayway Hiyas M. Corpuz, Llewelyn S. Moron, and Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz

REVIEW Diversity of Conus peptides that target the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
by Elsie C. Jimenez

ARTICLE A variation of discrete Silverman’s Game with varying payoffs
by Guido David and Richele S. De Asis

SHORT COMMUNICATION Initial assessment of parasite load in Clarias batrachus, Glossogobius giuris, and Oreochromis niloticus in Lake Taal (Philippines)
by Gil Cauyan, Jonathan Carlo Briones, Eugene De Leon, Julio Arsenio Gonong, Eduardo Omar Pasumbal, Ma. Czarina Isabel Pelayo, Manuel Anthony Piñera, and Rey Donne Papa

SHORT COMMUNICATION Effects of migration patterns on estimates of dispersal rates inferred from genotypic data: a simulation based study focused on the software STRUCTURE
by Maia H. Malonzo, Rachel G. Ravago-Gotanco, and Arturo O. Lluisma

ARTICLE Development of Hibiscus hybrids ‘Women in Public Service Series II’ and propagation studies on Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ‘Cynthia A. Villar’
by Pablito M. Magdalita and Reynold B. Pimentel

ARTICLE A new macrolide isolated from the endophytic fungus Colletotrichum sp.
by Melfei E. Bungihan, Mario A. Tan, Hiromitsu Takayama, Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz, and Maribel G. Nonato

ARTICLE Delta typing and analysis of alcohol tolerance genes (erg2, hsp104, sod2) in six local wine strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
by Cynthia T. Hedreyda and Zahara Joy A. Guiamal

ARTICLE Responses of rice (Oryza sativaline LX278) calli and seedlings to salinity treatment: Towards the development for salt tolerance
by Fredeslinda C. Evangelista, Rhodora R. Aldemita, and Lilian B. Ungson

ARTICLE Citrate-capped gold nanoparticles as colorimetric reagent for copper(II) ions
by Alan Rodelle M. Salcedo and Fortunato B. Sevilla III

ARTICLE Morphological and molecular characterization of some HAB-forming dinoflagellates from Philippine waters
by Deo Florence L. Onda, Garry Benico, Arielle F. Sulit, Paul Lorenzo Gaite, Rhodora V. Azanza, and Arturo O. Lluisma

ARTICLE Effect of organic matter amendment on the rhizosphere microbial community and root-infecting pathogens of aerobic rice variety Apo
by Charina Gracia B. Banaay, Casiana M. Vera Cruz, and Virginia C. Cuevas

ARTICLE Interaction of diatom silica with graphene
by Juliet Q. Dalagan and Erwin P. Enriquez


VOLUME 6 NUMBER 2 (July to December 2013)
ARTICLE Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of fungal leaf endophytes associated with Pandanus amaryllifolius Roxb.
by Melfei E. Bungihan, Maribel G. Nonato, Siegfried Draeger, Scott Franzblau, and Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz

ARTICLE Mathematical analysis of bistability in reduced models of apoptosis
by Joseph Ray Clarence G. Damasco, Marian P. Roque, and Ricardo C. H. del Rosario

ARTICLE Immune response of Macrobrachium rosenbergii immersed in hot-water extract of Gracilaria edulis
by Mary Beth B. Maningas, Patrick G. Gonzalez, Maribon M. Obias, Rainier S. Pausanos, Jyacinth Lucille Y. Siapno, Jennifer R. Alambra, and Eldrin M. Abquina

ARTICLE Heptylprodigiosin induces apoptosis in Jurkat leukemia T cells via CD95 death receptor and evades antiapoptotic Bcl-2 and Bcl-xproteins
by Glory D. Ranches, Anita Rudy, Angelika Vollmar, Jortan O. Tun, and Gisela P. Concepcion

ARTICLE Digital photometric determination of protein using Biuret, Bradford, and bicinchoninic acid reagents
by Adonis A. Yanos, Marianne N. Bautista, Mark Rickard N. Angelia, and Ernesto J. del Rosario

ARTICLE First principle investigation of atomic hydrogen adsorption on Pd-doped MgB2
by Paul M. Abanador, Al Rey C. Villagracia, Nelson B. Arboleda Jr., and Melanie Y. David

ARTICLE Identification of design criteria for district cooling distribution network
by Gerardo L. Augusto, Alvin B. Culaba, and Raymond R. Tan

SHORT COMMUNICATION First report of Awaous ocellaris in goby fry or “ipon” fishery in Northern Luzon, Philippines
by Angelli Marie Jacynth M. Asis, Altair B. Agmata, Billy Joel Catacutan, Romeo Culasing, and Mudjekeewis D. Santos

EDITORIAL Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines: Pushing the envelope
by Helen T. Yap

ARTICLE A mathematical model for the drying characteristics of microalgae (Tetraselmis sp.)
by Alvin B. Culaba, Raymond R. Tan, Jose Bienvenido Manuel M. Biona, Aristotle T. Ubando, Neil Stephen A. Lopez, Joel Q. Tanchuco, Soledad S. Garibay, Nieves A. Toledo, Caridad N. Jimenez, Ida G. Pahila, and Letty S. Ami

SHORT COMMUNICATION Species identification of “padas” from fermented fish paste or “bagoong” using DNA barcodes
by Altair B. Agmata, Angelli Marie Jacynth M. Asis, and Mudjekeewis D. Santos

FEATURE Hard work pays off: Getting to know Dr. Ernesto Domingo
by Jortan Tun

ARTICLE Multiple linear regression model of Shiga toxin inhibitory activity of dihydroquinazolinone derivatives of Retro-2cycl
by Liza T. Billones and Junie B. Billones

ARTICLE Correlation of total IgE, house-dust mite specific IgE and absolute eosinophils in an asthmatic pediatric population
by Maricar W. Ching, Jennifer Maries G. Yap, Kevin Carl P. Santos, Cesar M. Ong, and John Donnie A. Ramos

ARTICLE Physicochemical properties of bignay [Antidesma bunius (L.) Spreng.] wine at different stages of processing
by Ma. Desiree Belina-Aldemita, Veronica C. Sabularse, Erlinda I. Dizon, Wilma A. Hurtada, and Mary Ann O. Torio


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VOLUME 5 NUMBER 1 (January to June 2012)
ARTICLE Homology modelling and comparative docking analysis of two naturally occurring pancreatic glucokinase mutants
by Jose Isagani B. Janairo and Gerardo C. Janairo

FEATURE Hallmarks of a Genuine Scientist: An inspiration and example of "Paying it Forward"
by Leopold L. Ilag
ARTICLE Average-case analysis of Leapfrogging samplesort
by Eliezer A. Albacea

REVIEW Shift work research in the Philippines: Current state and future directions
by Jingky P. Lozano-Kühne, Maria Eliza R. Aguila,Gayline F. Manalang, Jr., Richard Bryann Chua, Roselyn S. Gabud, and Eduardo R. Mendoza

ARTICLE Species and endemicity status of the therapontid "Pigek", Mesopristes cancellatus(Cuvier, 1829) in the Philippines
by Benedict A. Maralit, Minerva Fatimae H. Ventolero, Rosario Segundina P. Gaerlan,Macmod D. Mamalangkap, Mudjekeewis D. Santos ERRATA

SHORT COMMUNICATION Binary (lipL32 and gyrB) gene marker analysis detects pathogenic Leptospira interrogans in a captured Rattus norvegicus in Marikina City, Philippines
by Vladimir Lennin A. Roque, Karen Joy B. Adiao, Marilen M. Parungao-Balolong, Ernesto C. Balolong Jr., and Francisco M. Heralde III

ARTICLE Cytotoxic isothiocyanates from Moringa oleifera lam seeds
by Consolacion Y. Ragasa, Ruel M. Levida, Ming-Jaw Don, and Chien- Chang Shen

EDITORIAL Climate change and disaster science in the Philippine setting
by Helen T. Yap, Editor
FEATURE Academician Evelyn Mae Tecson-Mendoza transcending biochemistry beyond borders
by Roberta N. Garcia
REVIEW Anatomy of the antibody molecule: A continuing analysis based on high-resolution crystallographic structures
by Jo Erika T. Narciso, Iris Diana C. Uy, April B. Cabang, Jenina Faye C. Chavez, Juan Lorenzo B. Pablo, Gisela P. Padilla-Concepcion, and Eduardo A. Padlan

ARTICLE Partial gene sequence and characterization of EDEN-1, a major water-soluble protein from the economically important alga Eucheuma denticulatum
by Paulina B. Suarez-Aspilla, Mailyn M. Terrado, Maria Cristina A. Dancel, Giuseppe C. Zuccarello, and Nina Rosario L. Rojas

VOLUME 5 NUMBER 2 (July to December 2012)
ARTICLE Macroinvertebrate composition, diversity and richness in relation to the water quality status of Mananga River, Cebu, Philippines
by Mary Joyce L. Flores and Macrina T. Zafaralla

SHORT COMMUNICATION Design of possibly useful vaccines against human immunodeficiency virus 1
by Eduardo A. Padlan

ARTICLE Dynamics of non-equilibrium quasiparticles in the superconducting cold-electron bolometer (SCEB)
by Ian Jasper A. Agulo

ARTICLE Towards antituberculosis drugs: Virtual screening for potential inhibitors of pantothenate synthetase of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
by Vivien Cherie C. Uy and Junie B. Billones

ARTICLE Phase synchronization of electroencephalographic signals in the different frequency bands
by M. C. Faustino, R. P. Serquiña, P. E. Rapp, and A. M. Albano

ARTICLE Ascaris suum infective eggs upregulate IL-4, 5 and 10 in BALB/c mice
by Maria Ruth B. Pineda and John Donnie A. Ramos

FEATURE Marine reserves as tools of fishery management and conservation of biodiversity in the Philippines
by Emily Layos

ARTICLE Disease identification and in situ screening of gumamela (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn) germplasm and hybrids to leaf anthracnose for disease resistance breeding
by Cecilia B. Pascual and Pablito M. Magdalita

ARTICLE Analysis of age-structured malaria transmission model
by Joel M. Addawe and Jose Ernie C. Lope

ARTICLE Towards biologically inspired fuelcell electrocatalysts: Electrochemistry of a diiron hydrogenase mimic
by Jean Sanabria-Chinchilla, Tianbiao Liu, Christine M. Thomas, Brett Savoie, Marcetta Y. Darensbourg, and Manuel P. Soriaga

FEATURE Learning it from Manny
by Jack Hess L. Baricuatro

ARTICLE Two strains of Gordonia terrae isolated from used engine oil contaminated soil utilize short- to long-chain n-alkanes
by Michael Angelo C. Nicdao and Windell L. Rivera

ARTICLE Isolation of thermophilic bacteria (Bacillus and Ureibacillus) and amplification of genes for selected enzymes
by Cynthia T. Hedreyda, John Jewish A. Dominguez, and Karen Rosal

ARTICLE New combinations in Rothmannia (Rubiaceae) and the establishment of the genus in the Philippine flora
by Jayson G. Chavez, Ulrich Meve, and Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro

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VOLUME 4 NUMBER 1 (January to June 2011)
REVIEW History of the biodiversity and limno-ecological studies on Lake Taal with notes on the current state of Philippine limnology
by Rey Donne S. Papa and Augustus C. Mamaril Sr.
ARTICLE A matrix population model of the "janitor fish" Pterygoplichthys (Pisces: Loricariidae) in the Marikina River, Luzon island,Philippines and the possibility of controlling this invasive species
by Benjamin Vallejo, Jr. and Kristine A. Soriano
ARTICLE STM and DFT studies of anion adsorption at well-defined surfaces: Pd(111) in sulfuric acid solution
by Alnald C. Javier, Youn-Geun Kim, Joseph B. Soriaga, Perla B. Balbuena and Manuel P. Soriaga
REVIEW Development and utilization of the PhilRice Genebank
by Gabriel O. Romero, Roel C. Rabara, Evelyn B. Gergon, Ma. CristinaV. Newingham, Celia L. Diaz, Marilyn C. Ferrer, and Eric S. Nazareno
ARTICLE Effect of dry-on, suffocation-based treatment on the prevalenceof pediculosis among school children in Calagtangan Village, Miag-ao, Iloilo
by Adrienne Marrie S. Bugayong, Karla Teresa S. Araneta, Jennifer C.Cabanilla, Christian Era U. Gayatgay, Ernest Jan T. Nufuar, Krystal Hope S. Rufino, Mary Ann C. Caro, and Philip Ian Padilla
EDITORIAL Philippine Science Letters – on the move
by Eduardo A. Padlan and Gisela P. Padilla-Concepcion, Editors
ARTICLE Effect of pretreatment and geometry on the thermophysical properties of raw ubi (Dioscorea alataL.)
by Cresel F. Noche, Dennis V. Cantre, and Floirendo P. Flores

FEATURE The Milky Way of a Star Scientist: Carlito B. Lebrilla
by Ronie J. Calugay
ARTICLE Effects of engineering charged amino acids in the CH3 domains on antibody heavy chain dimerization
by Maria Aiko Angela A. Diaz, Eduardo A. Padlan, Ameurfina D. Santos
FEATURE Alfonso Albano: A Distinguished scientist in measures of non-linear dynamics and an exemplary educator
by Manuela Tarroja-Keller
ARTICLE Factors promoting coral-algal transition in coral transplantation experiments
by Helen T. Yap, Reverie Alvarez-Molina, and Caryl S. Benjamin
ARTICLE Isolation and sequence analysis of the full-length toxR gene of type strain Vibrio campbellii and use of the toxR gene sequence to evaluate variation and relatedness with other Vibrio species
by Fabini D. Orata and Cynthia T. Hedreyda

VOLUME 4 NUMBER 2 (July to December 2011)
ARTICLE Novel glycerol-crosslinked poly(acrylic acid) hydrogel for encapsulation and release of benzocaine
by Angela Lisandra S. Lee, Gayzen A. Ordoñez, and Soma Chakraborty
FEATURE To find CJ, make way for CJ
by Angel C. de Dios
ARTICLE Probiotics from Philippine dairy products are bactericidal for pathogens with transferable multiple drug resistance
by Mary Catherine A. Mercado and Esperanza C. Cabrera
ARTICLE Total synthesis of dubiusamine C, a plausible minor alkaloid in Pandanus dubius
by Mario A. Tan, Noriyuki Kogure, Mariko Kitajima, and Hiromitsu Takayama
ARTICLE DNA barcodes of the suckermouth sailfin catfish Pterygoplichthys (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) in the Marikina River system, Philippines: Molecular perspective of an invasive alien fish species
by Joycelyn C. Jumawan, Benjamin M. Vallejo, Annabelle A. Herrera, Corazon C. Buerano, and Ian Kendrich C. Fontanilla
ARTICLE Amplification and sequence analysis of the luxA gene in the non-luminescent type strain Vibrio campbellii NBRC 15631
by Cynthia T. Hedreyda and Fabini D. Orata
ARTICLE Microsatellite and RAPD analysis of six local wine strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
by Zahara Joy A. Guiamal and Cynthia T. Hedreyda

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VOLUME 3 NUMBER 1 (January to June 2010)  
FEATURE Oscar H. Ibarra: Computer scientist par excellence
by Michael A. Palis
ARTICLE Prevalence of community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from inmates of the Manila City Jail, characterization for SCCmec type and occurrence of Panton-Valentine leukocidin gene
by Esperanza C. Cabrera, Dahlia Teresa Ramirez-Argamosa, and Roslyn D.M. Rodriguez
LETTER TO THE EDITORS Birth, death, and salvation of journals
by Raul K. Suarez

FEATURE National Scientist Lourdes Jansuy Cruz: From rice to Conus research — the journey
by Evelyn Mae Tecson-Mendoza

ARTICLE The Indo-Pacific Gemmula species in the subfamily Turrinae: Aspects of field distribution, molecular phylogeny, radular anatomy and feeding ecology
by Francisco M. Heralde III, Yuri I. Kantor, Mary Anne Q. Astilla, Arturo O. Lluisma, Rollan Geronimo, Porfirio M. Aliño, Maren Watkins, Patrice Showers Corneli, Baldomero M. Olivera, Ameurfina D. Santos, and Gisela P. Concepcion

ARTICLE Life cycle costing based design optimization and viability analysis of the adoption of the hybrid technology in Philippine tricycles
by Jose Bienvenido Manuel M. Biona, and Alvin B. Culaba
ARTICLE Turris babylonia; re-evaluation of a species complex and description of Turris assyria, new species
by Baldomero M. Olivera, Romell A. Seronay, and Alexander E. Fedosov

ARTICLE Genotypic differences in morphology and ultrastructures of callus derived from selected rice varieties
by Josefina O. Narciso and Kazumi Hattori

ARTICLE Optimization of failure-tolerant workspaces for redundant manipulators
by Rodrigo S. Jamisola, Jr.

ARTICLE Cadmium binding ability of the blue-green alga Hapalosiphon welwitschii Nägel under controlled conditions
by Margaret C. de Guzman and Ernelea P. Cao

FEATURE Getting to know Kelvin
by Alfredo Mahar Francisco A. Lagmay

REVIEW Deforestation, swidden agriculture and Philippine biodiversity
by Raul K. Suarez and Percy E. Sajise

ARTICLE Zymography-based assay for screening potential anti-gelatinase agents using Serratia marcescens serralysin
by Jolleen N. Balitaan, Holger Steinbrenner, and Maria C. Ramos

ARTICLE A partial expressed sequence tag (EST) library of the economically important red alga Eucheuma denticulatum (N. L. Burham) F. C. Collins and Hervey
by Paulina S. Aspilla, Anna Angela Camille B. Antonio, Giuseppe C. Zuccarello, and Nina Rosario L. RojasERRATA

ARTICLE Morphogenesis of anisotropic gold nanostructures stabilized the greener ionic liquid 1-butyl-3- methylimidazolium lauryl sulfate
by Judy M. Obliosca, Ian Harvey J. Arellano, Michael H. Huang, and Susan D. Arco

ARTICLE Analysis of colonic histopathological images using pixel intensities and Hough Transform
by Laurence A. Gan Lim, Raouf N.G. Naguib, Elmer P. Dadios, and Jose Maria C. Avila

VOLUME 3 NUMBER 1 (July to December 2010)  
ARTICLE Effects of medium replenishment and acclimatization techniques on growth and survival of embryo cultured coconut seedlings
by Pablito M. Magdalita, Olivia P. Damasco, and Stephen W. Adkins

NEWS The 30th Annual Meeting and Symposium of the Philippine American Academy of Science and Engineering
Onofre T. De Jesus and Maria Luisa A. Virata-Theimer

FEATURE Rigoberto C. Advincula: Multi-awarded and distinguished Filipino scientist making an impact in polymers and nanomaterials
by Roderick Borong Pernites

EDITORIAL Philippine Science Letters – now on its third year
by Eduardo A. Padlan and Gisela P. Padilla – Concepcion, Editors

ARTICLE Antibacterial activities of fruticose lichens collected from selected sites in Luzon Island, Philippines
by Krystle Angelique A. Santiago, Jayne Nicholei C. Borricano, Joecela N. Canal, Denisse Marie A. Marcelo, Myleen Claire P. Perez, and Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz

ARTICLE Amplified fragments of ornithine decarboxylase gene, toxR, and an unknown gene marker could distinguish strains of Vibrio harveyi and Vibrio campbellii implicated in shrimp disease
by Fabini D. Orata and Cynthia T. Hedreyda

ARTICLE A method for designing molecules for use in directing the antibody response to a chosen region of a protein antigen
by Eduardo A. Padlan

ARTICLE Synergistic in vitro cytotoxicity of adociaquinone B and heptyl prodigiosin against MCF-7 breast cancer cell line
by Zenaida P. Bojo, Cyril D. Deaño, Sonia D. Jacinto, and Gisela P. Concepcion

ARTICLE Detecting genes inserted into genetically modified Zea mays L. Yieldgard® NK603 using multiplex polymerase chain reaction
by Cynthia T. Hedreyda and Jennifer L. Roxas

ARTICLE Selection and design of new primers for multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) detection of transgenes in genetically modified (GM) soybean (Glycine max L.) Roundup Ready Soybean GTS 40-3-2
by Cynthia T. Hedreyda and Jennifer L. Roxas

SHORT COMMUNICATION DNA barcoding of the white-collared kingfisher Todiramphus chloris (Boddaert 1783) (Alcedinidae) using the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I gene
by Adrian U. Luczon, Abdel Hadi M. Mohammad Isa, Jonas P. Quilang, Perry S. Ong, and Ian Kendrich C. Fontanilla

FEATURE Bienvenido Ochoa Juliano: Shaping the world’s evolution through rice research
by Carla A. Omaga

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VOLUME 2 NUMBER 1 (January to December 2009)
NEWS The 35th Annual PSBMB Convention: A Resounding call for greater collaboration in biosciences
by Karen Manalastas
FEATURE Pedro A. Jose: Searching for genes that cause the increase in blood pressure with large salt (NaCl) intake
by Van Villar
REVIEW Genetic fingerprinting: Advancing the frontiers of crop biology research
by Gabriel Romero, Cheryl Adeva, and Zosimo Battad II
FEATURE Rhodora V. Azanza: The Red Tide Lady (An accomplished Filipina scientist)
by Iris Baula
REVIEW Systems Biology: Its past, present and potential
by Eduardo R. Mendoza
FEATURE Baldomero M. Olivera: Pushing the frontiers of neuroscience through venomous marine snails
by Karl Cabalteja
ARTICLE Characterization of Blo t 11 monoclonal antibodies with constant region mutations
by John Donnie A. Ramos, Nge Cheong, and Kaw Yan Chu
NEWS The 29th Annual Meeting of the Philippine-American Academy of Science and Engineering
by Carla Bianca Victorio
EDITORIAL Philippine Science Letters – now on its second year
by Eduardo A. Padlan and Gisela P. Padilla – Concepcion, Editors
FEATURE Caesar Saloma: Promoter of Philippine scientific culture (scientist, mentor, leader)
by Erika Fille T. Legara
REVIEW Conantokins: From “sleeper” activity to drug development
by Elsie C. Jimenez

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VOLUME 1 NUMBER 1 (January to December 2008)  
EDITORIAL Proud of our science – and our scientists
by Eduardo A. Padlan, Editor-in Chief
FEATURE The impact of Ed Gomez
by Miguel Azcuna
NEWS The 28th Annual Meeting of the Philippine American Academy of Science and Engineering
by Leah M. Tolosa and Maria Luisa A. Virata-Theimer
REVIEW Visualizing and modifying objects at the nanometer length scales
by Romel D. Gomez
ARTICLE De-antigenization of immunodominant epitopes: A strategy for designing vaccines against constantly mutating pathogens and other applications
by Eduardo A. Padlan
ARTICLE A new species of Gemmula, Weinkauff 1875; Evidence of two clades of Philippine species in the genus Gemmula
by Baldomero M. Olivera, David R. Hillyard, and Maren Watkins
FEATURE Jose B. Cruz, Jr.: Excellence in engineering design of complex systems
by Joeriggo M. Reyes
REVIEW Time series analysis, or the quest for quantitative measures of time dependent behavior
by Alfonso M. Albano, Peter D. Brodfuehrer, Christopher J. Celluci, Xenia T. Tigno, and Paul E. Rapp
ARTICLE Estimating the rarity of birds and its ecological context in the University of the Philippines Diliman Campus
by Benjamin Vallejo Jr. and Alexander B. Aloy
FEATURE Asuncion K. Raymundo: Peering into microbes and pioneering molecular microbiology in the Philippines
by Ediwn N. Camaya and Evanjill Alcantara