Philippine Science Letters
vol. 5 | no. 2 | 2012
published online September 18, 2012


Phase synchronization of electroencephalographic signals in the different frequency bands

by M. C. Faustino1, R. P. Serquiña2, P. E. Rapp3, A. M. Albano4*

1 Department of Mathematics, Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.
2 Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of    Technology, Iligan City, Philippines.
3 Department of Military and Emergency Medicine, Uniformed Services University, Bethesda,    MD 20814 USA.
4 Department of Physics, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 USA.



We use Kuramoto’s parameter ρ to evaluate the phase synchronization of multichannel EEG records at different frequency bands for thirteen human subjects under two behavioral conditions: eyes open resting and eyes closed resting. We report three findings: (1) with eyes open, the dependence of ρ on frequency can be described by a 7th order polynomial, and with the eyes closed, by a 6th order polynomial; (2) for all frequency bands, pair-wise synchronization between channels is inversely proportional to inter-electrode distance; and (3) although there are visible differences in average synchronization between behavioral conditions, inter-subject variations are so great such that the differences are not statistically significant.

*Corresponding author
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Submitted: March 28, 2012
Revised: June 19, 2012
Accepted: June 20, 2012
Published: September 18, 2012
Editor-in-charge: Eduardo A. Padlan