Philippine Science Letters
vol. 2 | no. 1 | 2009
published online October 15, 2009


Philippine Science Letters
-now on its second year

by Eduardo A. Padlan, and Gisela P. Padilla - Concepcion, Editors *



Philippine Science Letters (PSL) is now on its second year of existence. In the past year, we featured several reviews and primary articles on a wide range of topics, and a number of articles on outstanding Filipino scientists and important Philippine scientific conferences. We thank the authors, reviewers and the PSL staff for contributing to the development of Philippine science by supporting this peer-reviewed Philippine journal. We also thank the readers of PSL, some of whom have commended us and offered constructive suggestions.

*Eduardo A. Padlan and Gisela P. Padilla-Concepcion, co-founders of PSL, are serving as joint Editors beginning October 1, 2009.