Philippine Science Letters
vol. 4 | no. 2 | 2011
published online August 12, 2011


To Find CJ, Make Way
for CJ

by Angel C. de Dios

Department of Chemistry, Georgetown University Washington, DC 20057



"Make Way for CJ", was a sign I remembered seeing posted on one of the faculty offices at the University of Illinois at Chicago when I was looking for Professor Cynthia Juan Jameson

You may just find Cynthia J. Jameson or "CJ" as her students would fondly call her, working tirelessly as the prime mover of a postdoctoral institute under the Women in Science and Engineering System Transformation Program of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Or you may see her in front of a workstation writing a code that would predict spectra for 129Xe in fluids, paving the way to a greater understanding of ion and molecular transport across membranes. Or you may simply find yourself admiring her garden which never fails to attract monarch butterflies every summer. Or she may just be washing dishes after serving a delicious home-cooked Filipino dish to her grandchildren. Whether you meet her in the laboratory, or at home, you will not miss the excellence, you will never overlook the fact that she always gives her very best in every effort.