Philippine Science Letters
vol. 3 | no. 2 | 2010
published online July 16, 2010


The 30th Annual Meeting and Symposium of the Philippine American Academy of Science and Engineering

by Onofre T. De Jesus and Maria Luisa A. Virata-Theimer



The Philippine-American Academy of Science and Engineering (PAASE) is a professional association of scientists and engineers of Philippine descent who are in the forefront of scientific research in their respective disciplines in the United States, the Philippines and other countries. PAASE was founded on April 23, 1980 in the state of Indiana by 27 founding members led by Dr. Severino L. Koh, a mechanical engineering professor then based at Purdue University. Over the years, its membership has now grown to 225 scientists and engineers. The principal objective of PAASE is to use the expertise and professional stature of its members to help improve the state of science and technology in the Philippines. Specific objectives are (1) to promote the advancement of Philippine science, engineering, and technology, (2) to encourage collaborative work among scientists and engineers of Philippine descent in research and development through scholarly and scientific endeavors, (3) to support efforts that advance science and technology, and (4) to recognize and honor the achievements of member scientists and engineers.