Philippine Science Letters
vol. 2 | no. 1 | 2009
published online September 23, 2009


Baldomero M. Olivera: Pushing the frontiers of neuroscience through venomous marine snails
by Karl Cabalteja


The human brain, arguably the most complex and intricate structure in Nature, has yet to be fully understood. A biochemist by training, Dr. Olivera has been instrumental in pushing the frontiers of neuroscience research forward with his work on venomous cone snails. Dr. Baldomero M. Olivera is a distinguished scientist in the fields of molluscan biodiversity, toxicology, and neuropharmacology, with over 280 publications to his credit. Toto, as he is fondly called, has spent the past three decades working on conotoxins, neuroactive peptides produced by the marine snails of the Conus genus, thus allowing the elucidation of key molecular mechanisms in the function of the nervous system.