Philippine Science Letters
vol. 4 | no. 1 | 2011
published online January 10, 2011


History of the biodiversity and limno-ecological studies on Lake Taal with notes on the current state of Philippine limnology

by Rey Donne S. Papa* and Augustus C. Mamaril Sr



Scientists have studied Lake Taal for its diverse flora and fauna, active volcanism and unique limnological features. In this paper, we track the development of scientific interest based on available literature which may help determine the current needs and future prospects for more in-depth research. The early part of the 20th century became the starting point of limno-ecological and biodiversity research in Lake Taal. Other significant researches such as the BFAR, PCAMRD, FISHSTRAT and Akvaplan-niva projects have been able to compile additional information on the lake. Unfortunately, many other aspects have remained unstudied while some completed projects remain unpublished or have become “gray literature”. The lack of funding, long-term monitoring and the publication culture among local scientists have hampered the further growth of research on the lake. This scenario calls for the revival of limnology which can develop scientific knowledge on Philippine lakes.